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We believe that clear and memorable designs that are based on concrete concepts never go out of style and, in fact, even have the potential to become universally recognized. It is for this reason that we devote so much time to solving problems that arise during the creative process of giving shape to your ideas and imagination. Then we refine these into a clear-cut design. Creating designs that bear fruit; this is what we do. 
From catalogs, posters, pamphlets, magazine advertisements, manuals and other print media to package design and web design, we handle total production from planning to completion, keeping in mind the special qualities and requirements of each particular production. Additionally, our design team’s special strength is our ability to coordinate with our translation network to localize your monolingual product into a variety of languages. We not only give shape to your images and ideas, but also communicate them to the world. Please contact us for a consultation.

Creating designs that bear fruit: the Intac design process.

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1) Orientation

First, our Japanese director or a member of our Thai design staff will confer with the customer to ascertain exactly what kind of design is required to meet the customer’s needs. What will fulfill the project’s objectives, aims, and goals? What are the most appropriate marketing strategy, instruments, and media? At this point, the entire direction of the project will be decided in conferences with the customer.

2) Planning
Presentation and expression are decided by meetings with designers, copywriters, and others. Planning of the appropriate presentation of concept, tone, design technique, content, media, size and cost, delivery date, and other conditions like print and/or visual handling, data handling, composites and proofreading/revision are all vital parts of this process.
3) Design Execution
Collaborating with freelance talent, we prepare high-quality content including photos, illustrations, and ad-copy. Talented designers with experience in their fields work together, formulating the best way to use the given media to create a top-caliber high-performance design for the customer, whether it is print advertisements, leaflets, catalogs, posters, packaging or POP materials.
4) Presentation / Revision
During the design process, we always present rough drafts, revisions, and composites to the customer in a timely fashion and ensure that there is no deviation from the customer’s wishes or specifications while approaching the finished product. At each step of the process, we consult with and receive the opinion of the customer and undertake revisions and design adjustments as necessary. We make use of all resources at our disposal, whether it is printouts, PDF files, or the necessary software, to save our customers’ valuable time and money.
5) Artwork
We use professional DTP tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. In-depth knowledge of design process and technique is necessary to ensure the safe output and printing of designs, and we fully utilize all of our available know-how to ensure perfect data and artwork for printing.
6) Printing / Post Printing Process
We choose the most appropriate printing method based on the specific requirements of the job at hand, such as cost, delivery date, and quantity. While collaborating with and directing various partner companies, we deliver a level of quality that ensures customer satisfaction. This is the moment in which ideas take shape.
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Web design

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Print production and website design methods are different. For example, the concept of usability, dynamic contents, and search-engine optimization are all important parts of website design know-how. The page that you are looking at right now is a perfect example of our design principles and abilities. At Intac, planning, design production, and coding are all done in-house.
This is how Intac designs your website:

Website Planning and Architecture

What is the purpose of your website? What do you want to show, and in what way? Who do you want to use it, and in what way? By inquiring into essential things over and above the visual qualities of the website, we plan a website that will get you the results you desire

Contents Production, Manuscript Production

Contents are the most important part of a homepage. We effectively present our clients’ desired information while meeting expectations regarding quality and quantity. We handle not only text, but also design, visuals, web-programming, planning, production, and editing.

Flash/Video Production, Web-Programming

Flash-based contents are complicated to produce but produce very appealing results. We will present you with contents that are not only attractive, but are also interactive and meaningful. Please consult us for any all of your web-programming and interactive site-construction needs.

SEO (Search-Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a very important part of web design, as 80% of net users who are searching for information only look at the top two results of their search. Intac’s basic page design and link construction techniques will take your page higher!

Updating of Existing Websites

If you are dissatisfied with your current site and want better results, we can help. We look at your competitor’s sites and compare, and analyze and consider your contents, utilities, and SEO strategies in order to put together a plan for your total site renewal.

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