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FAQ (Frequently-Asked Questions)
FAQ (Frequently-Asked Questions)

Regarding Translation

Q:How much does translation cost?

As shown below, translation prices are based on word count or character count, although price may vary according to the difficulty or specialty of the text to be translated. Quotations are free, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Intac Vision Translation Fees
Language Translation Fee Minimum Fee
English → Thai 700THB/Page(*1) 600THB
Thai → English 1,000THB/Page(*2) 600THB
Japanese → Thai 900THB/Page(*3) 600THB
Thai → Japanese 1,000THB/Page 600THB
Japanese → English 1,200THB/Page 600THB
English → Japanese 1,200THB/Page 600THB
*1 English: 1 page = 200 words
*2 Thai: 1 page = 200 words or 1,000 characters (including tone marks)
*3 Japanese: 1 page = 400 characters

Q:What languages can you translate?

We mainly specialize in Thai, English, and Japanese, although we have experience translating Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), Korean and other Asian languages, many European languages, Arabic, and others. The translation process and costs for these languages vary case-by-case, so please contact us for detailed consultation.

Q:Can you translate thiis by tomorrow?

Our translation process includes steps like text analysis, translation, proofreading, and editing. Usually a translator can do roughly 10 pages per day, but proofreading and editing can take another day or so each, so please bear this in mind. Having enough time also ensures the quality of the translation.

Q:Does advertising copy-writing cost extra?

To some extent, wording and style can be specified. However, translating and advertising copy-writing are two completely different skills. Copy-writing is charged extra and is available in different languages, so please consult us.

Do you do interpretation?

Yes! Please call or e-mail us for details .
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Regarding Design

Q:How much does design cost?

Design costs vary widely depending on factors like the type of design, the media, the difficulty of the job, and whether or not there is text-writing involved. So once you have these specifics decided, please contact us for a consultation. Then we can give you a quotation and a design plan that suits your needs and desires. 

Q:How long will it take to finish the design?

This also depends on many factors. Some jobs are finished in two to three days, and some projects cover a span of several months. For smaller print jobs, delivery is possible within one week after final proofreading. For urgent jobs, please contact us. We also have an overseas network at our disposal to help us get things done quickly.

Q:What kind of design is your specialty?

Our design accomplishments are wide and varied, but we are especially experienced in commercial material printing. You have probably seen many of our designs not only here in Thailand but also overseas. We have a presentation portfolio which we would be happy to show you, so please don’t hesitate to ask.
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Regarding Localization

Q:How much does localization cost?

Document localization costs consist of translation costs along with DTP (desktop publishing) costs. We base our localization quotations on the size of the original text, the amount of revision necessary, and the difficulty level of the job. Average costs for manuals, etc. are about 1000 Baht/page, while catalogs and other commercial materials run at about 2000 Baht/page. Printing fees are quoted separately.

Q:What kind of localization can you do?

Using tools like Trados and Wordfast for translation and PageMaker and InDesign for DTP, it is possible to localize manuals into many languages. Of course we can do Thai, but we also have accomplishments in Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional) and Arabic as well.
For localization of catalogs, advertisements and websites, add copy-writing translation, image tuning, and professional typeface selection, and you have a final product that rivals the original.
For DVD and video localization, we handle everything from script-making and subtitling to narration by native Thai/English/Japanese speakers, to post-production.
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Other Frequently-Asked Questions

Q:You are a Japanese (not Thai) company, aren't you? Are we able to do business?

Regarding Thai language translation, design, and localization, there are several advantages to dealing with a local overseas-affiliated company like us. We are fully equipped and capable of handling all types of electronic communication with customers, such as Skype, FTP, e-mail, etc., as well as Adobe PDF for revision. We can offer you service without distance barriers.
We have both corporate and private customers in several countries. Depending on the job and circumstances, we sometimes require advance payment of anywhere from 50% to 100% of our fee. Payment may be made by online payments - Paypal, credit cards, or other types of payments through Paypal or transfer in Thai Baht to our account. Thailand VAT (Value-Added Tax) will also apply in some cases.  PayPal icon
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Inquiries and quotations by phone, fax, or email

In Japanese: ask for Masamitsu Kikuchi (kikuchi@intac.co.th)
In Thai: ask for Maneerat (admin@intac.co.th)

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