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INTAC VISION (BANGKOK) CO., LTD. is a translation, design, and localization company. We are in the business of taking your ideas, images and words and making them take shape. We have customers all over the world.


Recruit Bannar

Intac is always recruiting freelance translators, narrators, and interpreters who are interested in working on a steady basis.

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>>Details Here
There are as many civilizations as words and as many sensibilities as civilizations. Intac’s translation team delivers all your ideas to the world with accuracy and in whatever languages you require.
  • Translation into many languages from Japanese, English, and Thai
  • Video Subtitling, Narration, and Dubbing
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    Design DESIGN
    Top-caliber design shows in the final product. Catalogs, pamphlets, advertisements, and promotional tools- from printing media to packaging, logo & web-design- Intac handles complete design and production and gives your project’s objectives and features all the careful attention that they deserve.
  • Creation of Advertisements & Promotional Tools
  • Creation and Graphic Design of Various Printed Materials
  • Website Design, Planning, Creation, and Management
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    Localize  LOCALIZATION
    Intac optimizes your product for foreign target-markets. Our strength is our world-wide translation network and design team, which coordinates to expand your mono-lingual product into whatever language you require. This is the essence of localization.
  • Localization of documents for manuals, brochures, and catalogs
  • Multilingual website creation
  • Dubbing and subtitling
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    The richness of our accomplishments will show you just how much we understand and fulfill our customers’ goals and needs. You can send us your ideas and opinions by using our convenient “Customer Opinion and Idea Contact Page”.
  • We take your English documents and turn them into high-quality Thai catalogs.
  • Web-design with Japanese-style attentiveness and emphasis on usability
  • Our customer’s comments
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    Inquiries and quotations by phone, fax, or email

    In Japanese: ask for Masamitsu Kikuchi (kikuchi@intac.co.th)
    In Thai: ask for Maneerat (admin@intac.co.th)

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