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Document Localization
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Communicating Your Ideas and Products to the world Localize Image1
In business today, the world is your market. In order to effectively communicate your ideas and products to other countries, “localization” is necessary. For example:
  • You want to use English-language catalogs or manuals for the Thai market.
  • You want your website to be multilingual.
  • You want your promotional video to be dubbed or subtitled into a foreign language.
At Intac, we carefully consider the special qualities of the target culture and deliver the most suitable solution for your overseas market, regardless of the language.

Intac Vision Bangkok:for all your localization needs

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Document Localization
Wouldn’t you like to change your product catalogs, manuals, pamphlets and packages and employee training materials into other languages in order to be able to use them locally? For example, if we can obtain the original English print data from the customer, we can produce and deliver to you an exact Thai language reproduction. Here are the necessary workflow, skills, and know-how required to accomplish the task:
  • Verification of original document and assembly of the appropriate translation team
  • Thorough reference to past translations, lexicons, style guides, and/or translation memories
  • Thorough checking and proofreading by native speakers and contact and consultation with the customer ensure quality translation.
  • We copy the original font, typography, and layout as closely as possible. 
  • Images, logos, and illustrations are edited and adjusted for the target language and culture as necessary.
Pre-press / Printing
  • Investigate whether or not the data provided by the customer can be altered or re-used.
  • Trouble-free data production customized for local printing
  • We coordinate with local companies to ensure that the standards of the original document are adhered to, including the paper stock, etc.

Website Localization

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The popularization of the internet on a global scale has changed international business. A good multilingual website breaks down time, distance, and cost barriers and appeals to a huge overseas market.


  • Optimization of contents for the target market
  • HTML Coding with an emphasis on accessibility

Video Localization

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To speakers of other languages, “seeing, reading, and hearing” opens doors of comprehension. For companies doing international business, localizing existing sales promotion and instructional videos, company information videos, and other video materials into several languages will increase their worth many times over.

Video Produciton

  • Script production, recording, and direction for Thai, English, and Japanese narration projects.
  • Translation for subtitling in a variety of languages
  • Post-production and output into various digital media
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In Japanese: ask for Masamitsu Kikuchi (kikuchi@intac.co.th)
In Thai: ask for Maneerat (admin@intac.co.th)

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