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We support your business with flawless translation. Translation Image1
Intac’s all-native translation team combines high-level language skills with deep and unique cultural understanding. From business and entertainment to technology, our translation staff brings their unrivalled expertise to the job and genre at hand and, together with rigorous checking by native proofreaders, ensures the highest-quality translations for our clients.
Corporate information, catalogs, instruction manuals, pamphlets, and websites; whatever your business requires for its overseas operations, Intac can handle it. Whether it’s corporate planning documentation and meetings or technical data, training materials and presentation texts, or simply the communication of your most important ideas to all of your staff, we are here to facilitate your valuable corporate communications and bridge the gaps.

Our translation process generates the highest quality.

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1) Project Analysis

We formulate recommendations based on the translation text provided by the client, along with other information. We then proceed with word-count, classification by genre and difficulty-level, and judging of the quality of the file to be translated. We then put together the appropriate translation team. Finally, we present a quotation to the client and consult with them regarding any questions or comments.
2) Begining od Translation
We start with any past references that are pertinent to the job at hand; previous directions from the client, style guides, lexicons, and translation memories. Translation is handled by exclusively by native speakers of the target language who have passed Intac’s rigorous translation test.
3) Proofreading
As soon as the original translation is received, it is thoroughly proofread by another native proofreader. The original document and the translated one are compared and checked for mistranslations, missing translations, and other errors and then the translation is edited accordingly. If there are any questions or comments that need to be confirmed, the client is consulted.
4) Delivery
We deliver the final product in the client’s preferred format. This is usually Microsoft Word, but we are of course willing and able to deliver the final translation in a number of other formats according to the client’s wishes. Additionally, when layout and graphic/website design are required, an order can be made.
5) Follow-Up and Feedback

We welcome any and all feedback on the final product. Hearing our clients say, “this translation is very good!” makes our day. In anticipation of follow-up jobs for our clients, we keep databases of our past work for them and continuously update lexicons and style sheets as necessary. Don’t hesitate to contact us after the fact if this type of information is ever required.

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